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The Mining Industry

We have enabled the success of a variety of mining operations across the continent. Our decades of experience make us your go-to partner for materials testing, geotechnical investigations and forensic services across Africa.


Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique

Balama Graphite Mine

Roadlab At World's Largest Graphite Mine

Roadlab is conducting critical investigations at Balama graphite mine, the largest graphite deposit ever discovered.


Project Information

Balama sits on the largest graphite deposit in the world.

Located 260km west of Pemba in the Cabo Delgado Province, this simple open pit mine produces 94 – 98% fixed carbon graphite concentrate.

With an estimated useful life of 50 years, the 114 million tonnes of graphite in this deposit outnumbers the known reserves in Turkey (90 million), Brazil (70 million) and China (55 million).

Graphite is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is useful in electronic products such as solar panels. It is used extensively in batteries, fuel cells, pencils and lubricants such as grease.



Roadlab's Contribution

Roadlab E Serviços Limitada, our operation in Mozambique, is ensuring a high level of quality control on the earthworks of the new tailings storage facility at Balama.

We will provide compaction and material testing services for more than 1.5million cubic meters of engineered fill. These efforts will produce technical insights critical to ensuring the projects success and it's alignment with international best practice as recommended by the ICMM.

We are currently conducting borrow pit investigations and providing a high level of proof in risk mitigation for the earthworks component of the installation.



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