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Concrete Quality Assurance

A trusted laboratory offering the Eastern Cape's broadest range of testing services, our accredited facility is equipped to perform all your concrete quality assurance testing.


Concrete Strength, Integrity and Durability Testing

Leaders in the Eastern Cape

Leading Concrete Quality in the Eastern Cape

With the expansion of Roadlab's concrete testing capacity in East London, we've cemented our position as the most equipped concrete laboratory in the Eastern Cape.

Take a closer look at our new concrete durability department and the concrete tests we offer.



Durability Testing

We are East London's only provider of quality concrete durability testing.

Durability testing reveals how well protected your concrete and rebar is from the elements and environmental factors that threaten the long-term integrity of your structures.

Our concrete durability testing comprises of three test methods focusing on critical aspects of durability.

  1. Oxygen permeability, by which we expose concrete samples to pressurised oxygen to test how much oxygen is penetrating into your structures.
  2. Water sorptivity, by which we measure concrete's ability to absorb and transmit water and resist exposure to aggressive environments.
  3. Chloride conductivity, by which we measure the intrinsic potential of concrete or mortar to resist the ingress of chlorides by diffusion.



Strength Testing

Our bread and butter, the most common and critical aspects of concrete quality control.

By exposing concrete cores or hardened samples to compressive and flexural stress, we can determine the strength of the structures that concrete will one day form part of.

Our concrete durability testing comprises of three test methods focusing on critical aspects of durability.

  1. Compressive strength, by means of a concrete cube press.
  2. Flexural strength, by means of a concrete beam press.
  3. Tensile strength, by means of a concrete beam press fitted with a novel tensile test jig.
  4. Aggregate Crushing Value, by which we determine the particle strength of aggregate for use in concrete.
  5. 10% Fines Aggregate Crushing Test, by which we determine the force required to crush a prepared aggregate sample such that 10% of the material passes a specified sieve.



Concrete Mix Designs

The perfect marriage of cement, sand and aggregates.

Our concrete mix designs draw on our decades of experience in every aspect of high-quality mix design, allowing you to mix, pour and build with confidence. 

Our testing for concrete mix designs focuses on all critical aspects of concrete mixes, including but not limited to the following:


  1. Loose Bulk Density
  2. Compacted Bulk Density
  3. Aggregate Grading
  4. Bulk Relative Density >5mm
  5. Flakiness Index
  6. Water absorption
  7. Specific Gravity
  8. Aggregate Crushing Value
  9. 10% Fines Aggregate Crushing Value


  1. Organic Impurities
  2. Aggregate Grading
  3. Loose Bulk Density
  4. Compacted Bulk Density
  5. Bulk Density >5mm
  6. Specific Gravity
  7. Aggregate Crushing Value
  8. 10% Fines Aggregate Crushing Value



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