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Our non-destructive scanning services provide you with unparalleled insight into your structures, facilities and the ground beneath your feet.

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Specialised Forensic Investigations

What We Can Do For You

Introducing Our Specialised Forensic Services



Our Concrete Technologist can assess your concrete works, provide practical and economic recommendations and lead teams of professionals to resolve complex issues relating to concrete floors, walls and structures.



We can scan construction sites, completed facilities, structures, parks and public areas up to 10m deep to produce detailed maps showing storm water pipes, drains, sewers, electrical lines, fibre lines, voids and more.



Get real-time interpretations of concrete structures such as bridges, walls and silos. These scans allow us to reveal and assess cracks, voids and other integrity issue and provide practical, economic recommendations



Our GPR scanning services can reveal the exact location of rebar, post-tension cables other subsurface elements in concrete, allowing you to develop tailored, sophisticated solutions for projects that require sensitive interventions.



We can determine whether your concrete floors have the strength, durability and consistency you require. Any integrity issues or delamination can be mapped out in great detail, allowing us to recommend solutions that consider your unique requirements.



Our Concrete Technologist is available to assess your needs, arrange a site visit or provide a demo.

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Construction and Civil Engineering

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Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Technology

Detecting Voids, Cracks and Honeycombing

Location of Pipes, Sewers And Drains

Mapping of Electrical and Fibre Lines

Locating Post-Tension Cables

BRE Screed Testing

GPR Scanning

Rebar Mapping