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Aggeneys, Northern Cape

Vedanta's Gamsberg Mine

How We're Helping Create Africa's Largest Zinc Producer

Since 2018 our teams have been involved in  watched one of the largest greenfields mining projects in Africa develop into Vedanta Zinc International's Gamsberg Mine Project.

Their new R7-billion expansion is expected to double Gamsberg’s yearly ore capacity, making VZI and South Africa the largest zinc producer in Africa.


Gamsberg Mine from the main road and the main facility with the crushing plant in the distance.


Our Work Begins

"Three years after the first blast, I was testing concrete for Murray and Dickson Construction (Pty) Ltd, Teichmann and ET-X Projects at the crusher plant."

Sector Maifo was the senior technician at Phase 1 of the Gamsberg Mine Project in 2018.

For 2 years he oversaw the work Roadlab performed to enable the crusher and conveying systems, from the establishing of the foundations to the final concrete pour.

This included geotechnical and earthworks investigations, sampling and all concrete testing for the construction of this first section.

President Cyril Ramaphosa officially opened Gamsberg Mine the following year in 2019.



Gamsberg Phase 1

Vedanta Zinc launched the R5.5 billion first phase of the Gamsberg mine in March 2019.

The Gamsberg Phase 1 project comprises of a dedicated processing plant and an open pit mine that taps into one of the largest known undeveloped zinc ore bodies in the world.

Gamsberg Phase 1 has a total life-of-mine (LOM) estimated at over 30 years.

In addition to a zinc production capacity of four million tonnes per annum, Gamsberg also produces 250,000tpa of zinc concentrate from its concentrator plant.

Crushing, milled and processed ore is sent to a concentrator for zinc concentrate production. The final product is transported to the Western Cape's Saldanha port for shipment across the world.


Aggeneys is 66 km from Pofadder and 110km from Springbok, home of the district municipality office.


Phase 2 Expansion

Under Phase 2, Gamsberg is expected to double its annual ore capacity from 4Mt to 8Mt per year.

The expansion infrastructure includes another 4Mtpa concentrator plant, estimated to produce 200 to 250Ktpa of additional zinc concentrate.

Construction of the new plant is expected to take up to 22 months and produce +2000 jobs during the construction phase and a further +800 permanent jobs once operations begin in 2024.

Today, Roadlab is helping determine the kind of foundations that will be required to support the loads and forces the new plant will experience.

"We are privileged to be back, this time as a service provider to Vedanta itself," says Matthew Fisher, Roadlab Group Business Development Manager.

"We are currently working to establish the underlying geological conditions at the site of this major expansion, after which we will be conducting test pits and material investigations."



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